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Tummy full, time to update?

No, not really... but again, its a habit thing that I'm trying to get back into!

Today was one of those rare, interesting days for me where I actually had places to go, people to see and things to do!

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Now I just need to decide how to spend my evening. I can go and read a book, which I'm highly tempted to do... or bang my head on The Hardest Riddle Available on the Internet s'more. Maybe Das Roomie has got something cookin' for later. We shall see, we shall see...

There are few things better in life than soaking in a hot tub around midnight, outside under a gibbous moon, with woodsmoke clinging to everything it can.

Went to a party last night at the home of a coworker. That's a mean feat in itself, getting me to a party, but more and more I am trying to take these opprotunities as they come... to get out, to be alive, to recapture bits of who I used to be, and blend them into who I am now.

It was a small gathering, only about ten of us in total, and mostly people that I didn't know - friends of hers, and not from work. I think I held my own, neither too drunk nor too sober for the occasion. These days, I count my successes in social situations by the number of laughs I get - being the odd, funny friend seems to suit me. Most of the time, anyway. I still long for the occasional sit-down where I can show the more quiet, introspective side - ratspy is usually really good for this. Him, I miss, and I can't wait until he returns from his academic sabatical.

I guess the best thing about last night (besides the hot tub!) was being able to sit down with said coworker and have a little bit of that quiet time I was just talking about. Some getting-to-know-you-better time that I've been eager to have, as she's such a neat lady. As always, I was the first to arrive besides her best friend from around the corner, so we three got to chat a little. After everyone else had gone, I was the only one left - she had graciously made up the couch for me, so no one had to come pick my sotted self up in the middle of the night. We talked for about half an hour about life, and the struggles that both of us are going through right now, mental and emotional, before she cracked a yawn that nearly split the tiny woman in twain, and left me to pass out.

I wish we'd gotten the chance to talk longer, because not only would I like to get to know her even better, but I get the feeling that she could really use someone to unload on.

She was still asleep when I packed up my stuff, tidied what I could, and called for a lift home - I didn't want to wake her, knowing that she needed all her rest for the burly, if short, week we have ahead of us at the office. Left her a note on the fridge, which is becoming common practice when I'm over there, for one reason or another.

Now I'm here, recovering from the libations still left in my system, and while I am not sorry that I went - far from it! - I'm glad to be home.

Nov. 16th, 2005

What the hell is going on with tech companies these days? Have they lost their freakin minds? Here's two examples that really have me scratching my head today.

First? A minor annoyance. Has anyone else noticed that firing up AIM lately is giving AOL blatant permission to update your Buddy Lists with these new Bots of theirs? What the hell? Sure, they seem like a neat idea - MovieFone, for example, for those who want to find local movies by name, director or actor. How about giving us a choice though? Think I'm going to send a nice email to Cerulean Studios, makers of my favorite Trillian, to see if they can code in some block to this kind of crap for next time, 'cause I don't see the Evil Empire™ giving up on this new strategy of theirs.

And then we have the Losers of the Week: Sony. In a move of absolute brilliance, Sony shipped out CDs to retailers and customers directly, a portion of which was embedded with DRM (Digital Rights Management) software. Now this doesn't seem so bad - you might be thinking to yourself that Sony has every right to protect their product from thieves and scoundrels and pirates and the like. However, even if you do believe in DRM and the like (which I don't)...

The software that Sony used for this is called "First4Internet XCP", (plus another one called MediaMax) and what this baby does is install a rootkit deep inside your operating software. I haven't read any conclusive reports (that I can remember, anyway - its late!) about exactly what this rootkit does, but how much does it really matter? Sony, without any notification or permission, installs itself into your computer... and the worst part? The "cure" is worse than the disease.

I've always felt vaguely guilty for all the music downloading I do -- until now.

For anyone who's interested, bOINGbOING - one of my favoritest blogs in the world - has been keeping really close track of this.

Nov. 16th, 2005

Another night where I feel like I'm fighting to stay awake, but know that the moment my head hits the pillow, I'm going to be fighting sleep itself.

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Got a rant brewing, think I'll save that for another entry altogether.

... When are they going to let us actually skin the My LJ page? Its REALLY freakin' neat, but all this white is starting to hurt my eyes!

Another random update from Work. Yes, that means that I'm actually taking lunch for a change.

While I know I've got quite a bit still left on my To-Do list which will probably land onto tomorrow's list (just like most of the shit from today bled in from yesterdays list), I'm having problems focusing on what needs to be done. This was happening last night as well, while I was trying to play - very frustrating.

I know I'm not getting enough sleep, and what sleep I am getting is broken throughout the night. Still, that's only half of it. These past few days, my mind has been wandering away from what is here and now. That wouldn't be such a bad thing, except I can never quite grasp where it's wandering to...

...See, there I went again. Five minutes just flew by, and I wasn't even paying attention to it. What is going on with me? I need a mental drain trap - something that will let the normal flow of thought pass right on through, but catch all the interesting bits and hold onto them until I'm ready to take a looksee.

Tangent time.

Got my Red Cross Blood Donor's card in the mail today. Something I'm rather pleased with, since October 8th was the first time that I had ever donated. A couple of times a year, a Mobile Drive comes around to the office. Finally decided to suck up my fear of needles, and give what I could.

Apparantly, I am B+. This, I did not know - I had always been under the impression that I was O+ just like my Mom. Or, as my phonecall to her revealed, what my mother alwasy thought she was. This was based on a vague recollection from the last time she donated, and having the nurse tell her that she was a Universal Donor.

The upshot of this is that, if she is O, that means that Daddy was B. Interesting - I never knew that, nor had I ever really thought about it.

Why don't more people give blood? If you believe the statistics touted by the American Red Cross and the National Blood Data, this country doesn't give enough of the red stuff to support its own needs. We import 250,000 units every year, to make up for the defecit.

Less than 30% of first time Donors never give again. That's not going to be me - I've already made my next appointment! Hit www.givelife.org and found out that the nearest Donation Station? Literally right across the street from my house, over there at Empire Towers.

It doesn't make any sense. Sure, it can be a little scary if you think about it - especially if you're like me, and don't particularly like needles. And yah, maybe I can understand not knowing where to go or what to do, but a simple Google netted me all the info I needed, and then some. Sure, there are some people who are inelligable, due to illness or age or whatnot. But what about the rest of the damn country? What about you?

Anyone here give on a regular basis? Hells, anyone want to go with me next month? My appointment is at 1:30 on 12/10/2005. Its a Saturday, right smack in the afternoon.

I'm currently wrapping up my lunch here at work, but since I was disturbed by phonecalls and questions in the beginning, I am going to steal a few extra minutes for myself to hash out a thought.

LJ is... a lot different now than it used to be. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing or anything, its just an observation. The reason for the change is obvious - expansion.

When I first carved this den out for myself, there were less than ten thousand users, all around the world. I wonder, now more than ever, how many of those first 10k are still around at all, or if they've given up the LJ ghost for greener, more personal pastures?

I started this journal around the same time as three others did, friends of mine from online who thought this was a fantabulous idea. I am utterly delighted that each of the three are still here, that their journals are open to me so that I can wander down Memory Lane with them, just as I have done with myself. However, each of the three have been wrapped up in life lately, just as I had/have been. Now that I'm back, I miss them dearly. I know they're doing well - none of them have disappeared off the face of the earth completely. Still, I wonder just how well they're doing, you know?

More on this later - time to go back to work!

Nov. 14th, 2005

Just a few words before I fall into bed, because habits have to be built one day at a time.

I've been going through my journal from day one, all those years ago, and reading how my life has progressed - or regressed, in many cases - through all this time. I have changed, a lot, though thankfully in some ways I have stayed the same.

I've seen myself lose friends, reading the circumstances where they had been misplaced, and breathed a sigh of relief knowing that that was the past, and that they have been reclaimed. I love you both, so very dearly.

I watched, in text, my life at one of its most enjoyable points, and realized how much I miss college. I may never get the chance to step foot on a campus again, but I am seriously considering doing as my "boss" at work suggested, and look into online classes to finish out my degree.

Mostly though, I realized what wonderful people I have here, and how many of them have slipped from my fingers. Life has reclaimed them, or LJ has chased them away... or in one special case, I sent them away, inadvertantly, by hiding myself. Kao, I'm sorry.

There's a lot more that I want to say about those that I love and miss, whose words used to nourish me day after day. Many more words about what LJ is now, compared to what my memories still tell me it is. I'll have to save them for tomorrow.

A Meme ::Gasp!:::

Despite what I may have said in my last entry, I have nothing agaisnt textual, learn-about-me Memes. I even do them occasionally. My thing is against journals or blogs that are nothing but those ones you find on Quizzila and such.

Besides, darthwiater challenged me!

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