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Random Access Memory

"And I, one Stout by name, doth present.... a WALL."

Jan. 7th, 2006

This space left blank because I just don't know what to say. Words of the cohesive type haven't been my friends lately.

Happy birthday, Mama gelfjenn

It's a New Year

I'm always a day late and a dollar short anyway. Happy New Year all.

One of my goals (goals, never resolutions) for 2006 is to become more active here. Again. I know, I know, I said it before. This also goes under the goal of Learning How To Manage My Time Better, which is something I need for both work and play.

That, and eating better. Being more consciously competent about what I put in my mouth, and what it subsequently is going to do to my body. That's going to be really hard, but even baby steps of progress are exactly that - progress.

Thanks for the offered ride home, and the subsequent kidnapping, no matter how short it was. Did this old heart good to see you again, and to find out where I need to go in order to stalk you two! Er... five? Yah, five!


I'm still here, I swear it.

With work plus Yule shopping, I just haven't been much of an online presence lately, that's all.

Mz. Tigerkitty, my dahlink babushka - if I am not back to the realm of the regularly posting before then, Happy Birthday, bebe!

That goes the same for Eve and Ali, if you guys are seeing this, but I should be back with some regularity (read: at least once) by then!


Coolest. Thing. EVAR.

Just had this great idea...

The tales that people tell, the memories that they share, can say much about who they are. So can how they tell them. Many of you out there, I just haven't had the chance to sit down and chat with lately, much to my chagrin (hopefully, that will change soon - my newly accessable AIM SN is in my profile, who are interested)

What I want you to do is tell me a story. It could be a memory about us, or just something that you find interesting enough to share with a friend. Don't worry about length - put as few or as many words into it as you want. Laughter or provoked thought earns extra points, redeemable for... well, I'll figure that out later.

Tell me a story!

Brief Update

The game continues, because we haven't been playing it like rabid maniacs. The format for this current (final?) Fatal Frame is conducive to it, splitting the story into annoyingly small bits on a nightly basis. Hopefully, we'll get back on the horror track soon, so I can continue my enjoyment of watching Das Roommate squirm at the least little sound.

Thanksgiving was... bleh. Every damn member of my family has some itieration of the galloping crud, so we spent all of two, maybe three hours together. None of us really felt sociable, nor did we feel much up for cooking... but forms must be followed. No real mashed potatoes to speak of - grump! The stuffing was slightly underdone, the bird itself was a little overdone (a rarity in this house) and the pie dough should've been pre-baked, as it was - and still is - more gooey than flaky. The green bean casserole was fantastic though!

I'm still sick, and shall continue to be sick until either my head explodes, or Monday morning, whichever comes first.

Nov. 24th, 2005

It's Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite holidays, because it's one of the few days of the year that I can get my whole family to sit down at one table with lots of good food, and not kill each other in the process. It's also one of the few days that I can bring myself to cook anything.

However, this year will see me doing little, as I've been fighting a cold all week to no avail. Trying to decide who gave it to me - my daughter or the Bosslady - is futile. The shit's going around, and its one thing that I'm not thankful for.

I am thankful for the bounty of food that we are going to consume as a singular, ravenous horde in about six hours or so.

I am thankful for the family that I get to spend the day with - my Mother and D and his mother, my daughter and Das Roommate.

I am thankful that my brother landed safe and sound yesterday afternoon from his first skydiving expidition.

I am thankful for the Friends I've made here, sticking around through the long, strange trip this has been, and is.

I am thankful for my health - yah, I've got a cold, but I'm a hundred times better now than I was this time a year ago.

There's a metric ass-ton of things that I'm really thankful for (my new credit card included!) but I think I'm going to head to bed, curl up beneath the blankets, and hope that my head clears soon.

Mini Hiatus

With the exception of work, The Adelwolf will be unavailable for the next several days, due to Das Roommate being an utter pussy.

What's that mean?

We just got Fatal Frame 3!

404 - Not Found. Don't even try

Strange Dreams

Just felt like getting this one off of my chest, because while I rarely remember what dreams I have, they're usually rathe vivid.

It was late autumn, because I still remember the bite of the air, the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. It looked like I was having a small gathering in my backyard, with a few tables and chairs...

And then, all of a sudden, this flat bed trailer pulls into the yard. Let's suspend reality at this point, that there's no way in hell a flatbed would make it into my yard...

And on this trailer was piled high with gifts. Gifts wrapped in newspaper, or some non-flashy sort of dressing. They were from oldgrue, and they were all the presents that he had never given me - birthday, Xmas, Valentines Day, etc etc. - since we'd split up. Eight years ago.

This is odd enough, because I've never expected anything of the sort from him, at any point, whatsoever, so this isn't an angsty "He never gave me anything WAAAAH!" dream. He never was an extravagant-gift kind of guy either - it was always quirky stuff, all personality, like the several units of Nuns-With-Guns in the handpainted gun case.

It gets weirder... because every single damn present was some kind of outdoorsy gear. Tents, Coleman stoves, thermals, you name it. There might have even been a pistol or rifle in there, though by this point things become vague.

Worst part of it all? My biker jacket STILL wasn't in the damn pile! ARRRRRRGH!

I think, when I noticed that, is when I woke up.